We are honored to be a leading & reliable partner in the field of
Mechanical Engineering & Steel Works Since 1997


MING DATT is a well-established mechanical engineering & steel works company since 2004. We highly-specialised in engineering fabrication/modification service & labour support with our best products, services and solutions.  MING DATT develops high-strength steel related services for better performance and sustainability in MALAYSIA (has been already 20 years: formerly known as MING JING Enterprises). With confidence deriving from our traditions, we now strive to do even more.

Mechanical & Civil Steel Engineering Works Service
Focuses on certificated steel welding, Fitter jobs in engineering site fabrication / modification
Re-Installation Piping & Ducting Line Service
Provide comprehensive solution for pipe line installation and fittings
Manufacture Maintenance & Repair Service Provider
We provide labour support such as professional, skilled and semi-skilled worker for maintenance …
Site / In-House Industrial Fabrication Service
We able to offer a comprehensive solution for steel full/part fabrication & modification services
Warehouse / Factory Industrial Roofing Service
Our professional roofing contractors have been assembling roofing with skills & knowledges
Machinery Parts Installation
With our extensive experiences we will find a competitive and efficient solution to your next assignment


Steel Plant , Steel Making Furnaces , Water Cooling Tower, Rolling Mill, Civil & Structural

Engineering & Piping Works.

Completed Projects.

Over the years we had undertaken projects requiring high technical skills and knowledge in product mechanical fabrication and managing the end-to-end processes.We specialize is maintenance service in steel plant , Steel Making furnaces , Water cooling tower, Rolling Mill, Civil & Structural Engineering & Piping Works.